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Enzymatic Acne Pore & Bleaching Mask Plus Bleach Oil 60ml

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This product is a deep skin bleaching and acne pore shrinking mask that instantly sucks bacterium acne off the pores. Immediate warm sensation will be felt as the mask works on the pigmented cells pores,and scars


Comes with 60ml HP skin bleach oil for continual use after treating. Product is created for normal skin, sensitive skin using this product may primed the skin with olive oil prior to use.


Use 4 to 5 times per week for best result for acne scars and follow up with the bleach oil. W

A superior enzymatic mask for all acne types with soft creamy consistency.This mask has a very strong skin whitening agents that goes deeper than the skin creams in clearing pigments and blackheads. When breakout is not the issue, consider enzymatic kelp whitening mask.


This product is a concentrate, small amount is required and may be diluted for use in sensitive skin. Color: is dark with creamy base and no clay. Would not look like you applied a mask. May be used on daily basis for severe blackheads and acne pigmented scars after diluting


This dynamic peel offers intensive enzymes to help with acne-prone skin,acne scars and blackheads.After a thorough cleansing, a synergistic blend of active fruit enzymes digest debris on the skin’s surface, loosen blockages, and refine pores and whiten the skin. 


INCI: Water, Azelaic acid, Benzoyl peroxide(1%),White willow bark, Salicylic acid,Alpha hydroxy acid,Sodium lactate,Maple sugar,Green bentonite,Calendula, Licorice root extract, Kaolin Clay, Gelatin protein, Glycerin ,Phenoxyethanol,Sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, capryl glycol.


Mask Size: 120ml

Bleach Oil Size: 60ml

Color: Dark color


Use on small portion of the skin first, if tolerated, proceed to the entire desired area. If the product is too strong, add any skin oil, mix well prior to use. Also prime sensitive skin with olive oil prior to use not mineral oil, because mineral oil will clog the pores.

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